Money Quotes for Twitter

Are you having trouble finding that PERFECT quote? Are you finding that you’re spending MORE time finding the quote than writing the post? Twitter is said to be one HUGE conversation, and these quotes are icebreakers for your followers. Get them to talk. Get them to think. Just get more of them. These 150 conversation starting quotes aren’t in an unusable PDF, they’re in CSV and TXT formats – meaning you can use, edit, and play with them.

No more hard searches!
No more frustrations!
No more quote irritation!

Get the best quotes from history’s thinkers delivered to your virtual doorstep. You’ll get 4 files – 1 CSV with all of the tweetable quotes, and 3 text files which are perfect for bulk uploading to your Pro SocialOomph account. Having the quotes all ready has saved me a TON of time!

Priced at $2.99, it’s an absolute STEAL

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