Attention Female Bloggers!


Next month is Women’s History Month, and I’m featuring quotes from women in history. What I’ve found while going through my quotes file is that there are very few quotes from great women (only about 10% in my database!) and that this needs to be changed. We represent 50% of the population, so we should have 50% of the quotes, right?

I am requesting quotes from you (written by you) for the month of March about money, motivation, life, leadership… anything that you can think of which would be relevant. If you’ve got a great quote (which I know that you do) send it to me for inclusion into the month. You’ll receive a backlink to the blog itself (send a link where the quote is from, or a general blog link) and I’ll put it in.

If I get enough of them, I’ll probably be making a book of female blogger quotes or something like that (I haven’t decided) which you would be included in.

I would love to have these quotes by the 27th, so I can properly format and get them ready (I am a planner, I wanted to just knock out the whole month in one go) for the month. I know that this is awfully short notice, but I thought that it was a great idea.

Fill out the contact form below or email me at and we can make history of our own.

Thank you,
Emily Hunter

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