I’ve loved collecting things since I was a very young girl. At first, it was stamps, but the collection got so big that I couldn’t contain it all. Then it was video games (on floppy disks, no less). That worked out about as well as the stamps. Then came CDs. And THEN I discovered that I could get the same satisfaction from collecting quotes online that I could from amassing large collections. That’s how Three Motivational Quotes was born.

Why Three? Why not ALL?

I love threes. Ask me about the Oxford comma some day. When I would go to certain sites and I saw ALL of their quotes lined up I was overwhelmed. They’re kind enough to offer quote after quote after quote, but my head starts to spin after a while. I don’t want you to have a spinning head. That would be a bad day. I chose against a single quote because i wanted you to have a choice. Three seemed like the best option, so I stuck with it.

Notes about this site:

Content on this site is constantly being updated. I want to make it the best and easiest for you to use. The site is going to evolve, because I’m going to be trying out new formats and styles. Please bear with me

So, thank you for coming! I love having the company.

Inspire yourself,